the alpha syntauri system
  a ancient synthisizer concept for the Apple II
   Page No.:H212-3
             at this page we will examine the front card of the
      Mountain Computer Music System
      In very early versions of the alpha syntauri - the system was distributed with the ALF MC1 card.
That card is treated in a later page of this series.

The purpose of the Mountain Computer Music System in relation / interaction with the alpha syntauri is the generation of the soundwaves.
Itīs the system to perform the translation from pressed keys at the keyboard to output of sound to an external Amplifioer and from there to
the speakers. And besides of the software of the alpha syntauri, that in fact just stores the keypresses at the keyboard and the setup of
sounds at the Mountain Computer Music System.

The Mountain Computer Music System itself consists of two cards: the front card which might be called the system interface that performes
interaction between the computer and the software while the alternating card introduces in the later page might be called the "Generation card",
that performs the real sound output and that also handles the communication with the lightpen and itīs interaction with the software.

Allthough in this picture both cards are connected with a hard linking connector system - some older systems ( like the one i have ) are linked
together with a flexible system. That flexible system is very vulnerable. Therefor i decided to not only detect the traces below the IC-sockets,
but instead to desolder / strip off the entire card and when performing the repopulation to replace the connectior between this cards with
goldplated long pin pluging system.



Here is the view to the rear soldering side of the front card ( here with a "hard connector linking system ):

 Here is the view to the populated side of this front card:

      Here is the view to the ( nearly entirely ) desoldered card displaying the traces below of the sockets:

After reproducing a drawing and transfer of the traces to that drawíngs ( blue side represents soldering side and red side represents
componentsisde ) the resulting combination of both layers ( solderingside and component side ) to this map with both layers:

and here in the drawing that displays the used components and the used values ( red = circuits, blue = capacitors, light brown = resistors,
yellow = diode ):

So now after 3 days of work this part of the task is completed and the circuitplan is completed:


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