the Fairy IC Test Card as Utility for
       testing various Logic IC families for
       correct function


  Few weeks ago i had the luck to purchase a Fairy IC Testcard st ebay at a reasoonable price. Because i usually donīt just kick away 
  old circuit boards but instead try to recycle as maany ICīs as possible and keep them set besides on some antistatic foams for spare.

  But before reusing them it was allways a very time robbing task to check out the cirtcuit for correct function to prevent me from
  reusing damaged ICīs i always have been searching for a simple and reliabble and also affordable testing system to cut down time
  used for examining that ICīs. So when i had seen this offer o could not resist to bid on it...... and luckily i won the auction.

  So of course i was quite excited waiting for the arrival of the system consisting of the interfacecard a cable and the unit with the
  zeroforce socket hoping that the system would not have to serious damages due to itīs age. In the meanwhile waiting for the arrival
  i examined asímov and the Apple Documentation Center and i was suprised to find there the manual and a diskimage. When the 
  system finally was delivered to my door i was really suprized after i inserted the system in one of my old Apple IIe computers.
  The diskcopy delivered with the system immediatly booted correct and the card did work exactly according to the description.
  In fact mysystem had a rather high serial number and the disk that came along with the system also contained those ICīs that have
  been announced to come with a later version allready on the disk.

  After a quite long session in the afternoon and the evening i was able to examine nearly four time as many ICīs as i would have been
  able to examine formerly in the same time.....

  At the moment iīm crowded with several tasks that demand for completion so further examinations will have to be delayed to a period
  about two months in the future behind the easter holidays.... so probably in the middle of may i will find time to reverse engineer the
  system and make a circuit diagram ....

  Up till then - here are the pictures of the system and the manual and a link to the disk image. I Just cleaned up the images of the 
  manual because the copy taken from asimov is rather dark and poor...

  Here the picture of the interfacecard of the Fairy IC Testcardsystem:

  and here the picture of the cable and the unit with the zeroforce socket for the IC testing:

  and here a picture of the Interfacecard without the double-component-glued components unleashing the details below of the

  and here the manual pages:

 and here a link to the disk image:




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